DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - User's Reference

6.0 - DOS/32 Advanced - Using with WATCOM Linker

As DOS/32 Advanced is an add-on tool for WATCOM C/C++ development package, no Executable Linker is provided with the DOS Extender, which instead relies on WATCOM Linker supplied with WATCOM C/C++ and FORTRAN compilers. DOS/32 Advanced, apart from its native "LC" file format, supports the "LE" and "LX" executable file formats, and fully accepts output produced by WATCOM Linker, as well as by any other linker capable of generating the two above said executable file formats.

To help the programmers who use WATCOM Linker to create protected mode applications for use with DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender, DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender Editions include a special WATCOM Linker system definition file, dos32a.lnk, which is originally located in the directory into which the DOS Extender was installed, subdirectory .\BINW , but also copied by the installation program into default WATCOM directory, subdirectory .\BINW . Note that the install program will automatically update the wlink.lnk files in the WATCOM directories .\BINW and .\BINNT if you let it to automatically update your system at install time. The following WATCOM Linker systems will be available for use with DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender directly after the installation:

System Name Description File Format
dos32a DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender LE-style
dos32x DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender LX-style
stub32a DOS/32A DOS Extender w/ Standard stub LE-style
stub32x DOS/32A DOS Extender w/ Standard stub LX-style
stub32ac DOS/32A DOS Extender w/ Configurable stub LE-style
stub32xc DOS/32A DOS Extender w/ Configurable stub LX-style

In order to create LC-style compressed executables, which are natively supported by DOS/32 Advanced you must use SUNSYS Compress Utility program sc.exe, included in DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender Editions, as WATCOM Linker cannot output Linear Compressed executable file format. Please refer to SUNSYS Compress Utility documentation for information on how to use SUNSYS Compress Utility and to learn more about LC-style compressed executable file format.


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