DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - Technical Reference

10.0 - DOS/32 Advanced - Values returned by DPMI function 0A00h

Value returned by ADPMI function 0A00h, Vendor-Specific DPMI API Extensions in BL register, is DOS/32 Advanced built-in DPMI configuration. The format of the returned configuration is described below:

bit 0: 0=test DPMI/VCPI, 1=VCPI/DPMI /1=default
bit 1: 0=internal exception control off, 1=on /1=default
bit 2: 0=VCPI smartpage alloc mode off, 1=on /1=default
bit 3: 0=VCPI+XMS alloc scheme off, 1=on /1=default
bit 4: 0=trap emulated IRQs off, 1=on /1=default
bit 5: 0=extended memory blocks checking off, 1=on /1=default
bit 6: reserved
bit 7: 0=ignore DOS/4G API calls off, 1=on /0=default


Please note that some of these settings may be altered by the user at run-time.


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