DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - Programmer's Reference

2.42 - DPMI function 0703h - Discard Page Contents

Discards the entire contents of a given linear memory range. This function is used when a memory object (such as a data structure) that occupies a given area of memory is no longer needed, so that the area will not be paged to disk unnecessarily. The contents of the discarded region will be undefined.


In: AX = 0703h
BX:CX = starting linear address of pages to discard
SI:DI = size of region to discard (bytes)

if successful:
CF clear

if failed:
CF set
AX = error code

8025h - invalid linear address (range unallocated)


a) DOS/32 Advanced DPMI will perform no action on this function and will always return with carry flag clear.


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