DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - Programmer's Reference

2.11 - DPMI function 000Ch - Set Descriptor

Copies the contents of an 8-byte buffer into the descriptor for the specified selector.


In: AX = 000Ch
BX = selector
ES:EDI= selector:offset of 8-byte buffer containing descriptor

if successful:
CF clear

if failed:
CF set
AX = error code

8021h - invalid value (access rights/type byte invalid)
8022h - invalid selector
8025h - invalid linear address (descriptor references a linear address range outside that allowed for DPMI clients)


a) The descriptor's access rights/type byte (byte 5) follows the same format and restrictions as the access rights/type parameter (in CL) for the Set Descriptor Access Rights DPMI function 0009h, and the descriptor's extended access rights/type byte (byte 6) follows the same format and restrictions as the extended access rights/type parameter (in CH) for the same function, except the low-order 4 bits (marked "reserved") are used to set the upper 4 bits of the descriptor's limit.

b) DOS/32 Advanced DPMI and DPMI 1.0 hosts will reload any segment registers which contain the selector specified in register BX.


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