DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - Programmer's Reference

2.08 - DPMI function 0009h - Set Descriptor Access Rights

Modifies the access rights and type fields in the descriptor table for the specified segment.


In: AX = 0009h
BX = selector
CL = access rights/type byte
CH = extended access rights/type byte

if successful:
CF clear

if failed:
CF set
AX = error code

8021h - invalid value (access rights/type bytes invalid)
8022h - invalid selector
8025h - invalid linear address (changing the access rights/type bytes would cause the descriptor to reference a linear address range outside that allowed for DPMI clients.)


a) The access rights/type byte passed to the function in CL register has the following format:

Bit Designation Description
0 A 0=not accessed, 1=accessed
1 W/R data: 0=read, 1=read/write
code: must be 1 (readable)
2 E/C data: 0=expand-up, 1=expand-down
code: must be 0 (non-conforming)
3 C/D 0=data, 1=code
4 - must be 1
5..6 DPL must equal caller's CPL
7 P 0=absent, 1=present


The DPMI host interprets the value passed to the function in CH register as follows:

Bit Designation Description
0..3 - reserved
4 Av can be 0 or 1
5 - must be 0
6 B/D 0=default 16-bit, 1=default 32-bit
7 G 0=byte granular, 1=page granular


b) DOS/32 Advanced DPMI and DPMI 1.0 hosts will reload any segment registers which contain the selector specified in register BX.

c) Client programs should use the LAR instruction to examine the access rights of a descriptor.


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