DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - Programmer's Reference

3.49 - DOS function 0FF88h - DOS/32 Advanced Identification Call


In: AX = 0FF88h
Out: EAX = 49443332h ('ID32') (if the function is supported)
EBX = DOS/32 Advanced version number
ECX = DOS/32 Advanced internal data
EDX = DOS/32 Advanced internal data
ESI = DOS/32 Advanced internal data
EDI = DOS/32 Advanced internal data


a) This call is specific to DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender only, and is not supported by standard DOS.

b) All general registers, except EBP, will be modified by this call. Register EAX will contain an id-string, 'ID32', and register EBX will contain the version number of the currently running DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender.

c) This call is supported by DOS/32 Advanced in both real and protected modes.

d) This call will be used by DOS/32 Advanced at startup, to determine if the program was spawned from another DOS/32 Advanced application, and to get information about extended memory that can be shared between the mother and the child processes.

e) When an external DPMI host is present and runs protected mode (for example Windows), this call will be supported by the DOS Extender in protected mode only.


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