DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - Programmer's Reference

4.03 - VBE function 4F00h - Get SuperVGA Information


In: AX = 4F00h
ES:EDI = pointer to 512 byte buffer
Out: AL = 4Fh (if function supported by VESA BIOS)
AH = 00h (if function was successful)
ES:EDI = pointer to 512 byte buffer filled with VESA BIOS information


a) The following fields in the structure pointed to by ES:EDI will be converted to protected mode linear pointers relative to 0:

OemStringPtr at offset 06h
VideoModePtr at offset 0Eh
OemVendorNamePtr at offset 16h
OemProductNamePtr at offset 1Ah
OemProductRevPtr at offset 1Eh


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