DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - General Information

6.0 - DOS/32 Advanced - Distributed Files

The following files are included with this release of DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender Liberty Edition:

 File Name  Description
 .\readme.1st  - DOS/32 Advanced "readme first" file
 .\  - DOS/32 Advanced version information
 .\updates.txt  - DOS/32 Advanced updates history log file
 .\license.txt  - DOS/32 Advanced Software License
 .\BINW\dos32a.exe  - DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender executable
 .\BINW\sb.exe  - SUNSYS Bind Utility Program
 .\BINW\sc.exe  - SUNSYS Compress Utility Program
 .\BINW\sd.exe  - SUNSYS Protected Mode Debugger
 .\BINW\ss.exe  - SUNSYS Setup Utility Program
 .\BINW\stub32a.exe  - DOS/32 Advanced standard stub file STUB/32A
 .\BINW\stub32c.exe  - DOS/32 Advanced configurable stub file STUB/32C
 .\BINW\sver.exe  - SUNSYS Version Reporting Utility Program
 .\BINW\dos32a.lnk  - DOS/32 Advanced system for WATCOM Linker
 .\DOCS\readme.txt  - DOS/32 Advanced readme file
 .\DOCS\manual.htm  - DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender manual (HTML format)
 .\DOCS\HTM\*.*  - on-line documentation manual in HTML format
 .\D32\default.d32  - default configuration
 .\D32\dos4gw.d32  - DOS/4GW compatible configuration
 .\D32\failsafe.d32  - failsafe configuration
 .\D32\maximum.d32  - maximum performance configuration
 .\D32\minimum.d32  - minimum memory requirements configuration
 .\D32\pmodew.d32  - PMODE/W compatible configuration
 .\D32\standard.d32  - standard (optimal) configuration
 .\D32\verbose.d32  - verbose (w/ warnings and verbose mode on) configuration
 .\EXAMPLES\ASM_1\*.*  - "hello world" example (WATCOM asm)
 .\EXAMPLES\ASM_2\*.*  - detect DOS/32A example (WATCOM asm)
 .\EXAMPLES\ASM_3\*.*  - INT 1Ch example (WATCOM asm)
 .\EXAMPLES\ASM_4\*.*  - ***show examples (WATCOM asm)
 .\EXAMPLES\ASM_5\*.*  - memory error example (WATCOM asm)
 .\EXAMPLES\ASM_6\*.*  - Linear Framebuffer example (WATCOM asm)
 .\EXAMPLES\ASM_7\*.*  - TSR development under DOS/32A example (WATCOM asm)
 .\EXAMPLES\C_1\*.*  - "hello world" example (WATCOM C)
 .\EXAMPLES\C_2\*.*  - show memory example (WATCOM C)
 .\EXAMPLES\C_3\*.*  - exception report example (WATCOM C)
 .\EXAMPLES\C_4\*.*  - null-pointer example (WATCOM C)
 .\EXAMPLES\C_5\*.*  - VESA example (WATCOM C)
 .\EXAMPLES\C_6\*.*  - spawn a program example (WATCOM C)
 .\EXAMPLES\C_7\*.*  - D32A Run-Time Library usage example (WATCOM C++)
 .\H32\d32a.h  - D32A C/C++ Run-Time library header
 .\H32\debug.h  - DEBUG C/C++ Debugger library header
 .\H32\typedefs.h  - C/C++ Types and Definitions header
 .\L32\d32a.lib  - D32A C/C++ Run-Time library
 .\L32\sdebug.lib  - DEBUG C/C++ Debugger library
 .\PCTEST\4gtest.bat  - batch file to run DOS/4G DOS Extender on PCTEST
 .\PCTEST\4gwtest.bat  - batch file to run DOS/4GW DOS Extender on PCTEST
 .\PCTEST\cwtest.bat  - batch file to run CauseWay DOS Extender on PCTEST
 .\PCTEST\d32test.bat  - batch file to run DOS/32A DOS Extender on PCTEST
 .\PCTEST\pmwtest.bat  - batch file to run PMODE/W DOS Extender on PCTEST
 .\PCTEST\dos4gw.exe  - DOS/4GW DOS Extender executable
 .\PCTEST\pctest.exe  - PCTEST diagnostic program
 .\SRC\readme.txt  - readme file about the Source Code
 .\SRC\DOS32A\*.*  - DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender Source Code
 .\SRC\SB\*.*  - SUNSYS Bind Utility Program Source Code
 .\SRC\SC\*.*  - SUNSYS Compress Utility Source Code
 .\SRC\SD\*.*  - SUNSYS Protected Mode Debugger Source Code
 .\SRC\SS\*.*  - SUNSYS Setup Utility Program Source Code
 .\SRC\STUB32A\*.*  - STUB/32A and STUB/32C Source Code
 .\SRC\SUTILS\*.*  - Source Code of SVER, PCTEST and miscellenious tools


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