DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - General Information

5.0 - DOS/32 Advanced - Compatibility

DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender is compatible with nearly any Operating System available, given that the OS can provide an MS-DOS like subset of low level functions and commands required by the DOS Extender for its proper operation. DOS/32 Advanced has been tested on, and proved to be fully compatible with the following OS listed: MS-DOS® versions 5.00 thru 7.10, Microsoft Windows® version 3.xx, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME, Windows NT versions 3.51 and 4.0 (Service Pack 3 or later), Windows 2000, Windows XP and IBM OS/2. According to the reports from DOS/32 Advanced users the DOS Extender has proven its compatibility with OpenDOS and Linux (DOS Emu) Operating Systems.

Reportedly, DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender has shown its incompatibility with Multiuser DOS 7 Gold Operating System developed by Concurrent Controls (formerly Digital Research) company. Please take a note of our official statement: we have not tested DOS/32A on MDOS hosted machines internally, and therefore we cannot confirm any potential problems between the said Operating System and DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender, nor can we provide any technical support in the case of combination of the two above said software.

DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender has been tested and proved its full compatibility with WATCOM C/C++ v10.6 and v11.0.

In addition, DOS/32 Advanced has been tested and proved to be fully compatible with over a 100 software titles, including games, demos, utilities and commercial/shareware programs which use DOS/4G, DOS/4GW, DOS/4GW Professional, PMODE/W and CauseWay DOS Extenders.


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