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DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender is a state-of-the-art, high-performance, high-speed, true "Plug&Play" replacement of the world's most popular DOS Extender, DOS/4GW, created by Tenberry Software (formerly Rational Systems Inc.) for WATCOM C/C++ and FORTRAN 77 compilers which allow DOS Extended applications to run in a 32-bit flat protected mode environment.

DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender provides full compatibility with WATCOM C/C++ and features one of the most complete software emulations of DOS/4GW, thus allowing the users to "plug" DOS/32 Advanced into the protected mode programs which use DOS/4G, DOS/4GW, DOS/4GW Professional and any other compatible DOS Extenders without the need in modifying a single line of code.

DOS/32 Advanced has been designed and optimized to be the fastest, most flexible and highly compatible with other software DOS Extender. It performs mode translating operations, such as Protected to Real and Real To Protected mode switching, as fast as machine's hardware allow, and while being compatible with DOS/4GW, it is the fastest DOS Extender that supports WATCOM C/C++ at this time! A large number of configuration options allow DOS/32 Advanced to be configured in hundreds different ways, either by a special environment variable or by an external setup program, giving its users the ability to manually adjust the number of allocated selectors, callbacks, virtual stacks, turn off the exception handling, change the size of DOS transfer buffer and much, much more. Compatibility with "Clean" (also known as "Raw" or INT 15h), XMS, VCPI and DPMI system softwares allows DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender to run on different machines with various operating systems installed. Additionally, availability of such features as Null-Pointer Protection, Extended Memory Blocks Checking and support for built-in Debug Mode turns DOS/32 Advanced into a powerful tool for protected mode programmers who want to make their 32-bit protected mode applications error-free.


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