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DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - Technical Information

DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender is aimed at application developers working with 32-bit protected mode DOS software. The DOS Extender includes a built-in Advanced DOS Protected Mode Interface server supporting v0.9 of the DPMI specification and comes with a set of tools needed to create 32-bit protected mode applications. System requirements and technical specifications are listed below:

System Requirements:

  • IBM PC compatible computer
  • 80386 processor or better
  • 1 MB of memory (no extended memory is required by the DOS Extender itself)
  • DOS version 4.0 or better
  • VGA compatible graphics card

Technical Specifications:

  • built-in DPMI server based on specification v0.9
  • compatible with Clean (INT 15h), XMS, VCPI and DPMI systems
  • supports loading of LE-, LX- and LC-style executable file formats
  • protected mode executable compression using a special LC-style file format
  • no extended memory is required to load and run a protected mode application
  • allocation of up to 2 GB of extended memory under INT 15h and XMS systems
  • extension of Windows 95/98 (DOS 7.x) Long File Name functions 71xxh
  • extension of VESA VBE 2.0 Video BIOS functions
  • Null-Pointer Protection traps down writes to the first 16 bytes of memory at run-time
  • support for checking of the integrity of Extended Memory Blocks at run-time
  • exclusive warning system to inform the user of modified (corrupted) real mode interrupts
  • Verbose Mode to allow the users to see verbose information about loaded application
  • low latency hardware interrupt (IRQ) handling
  • protected mode applications run at CPL 0
  • allocated descriptors reside in the GDT
  • vendor-specific API extensions (DPMI function 0A00h), performance counters, direct access to IDT, GDT, PageTables etc.

For more information about DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender and its features refer to the provided documentation manual.

DOS/32A is free software -- NO WARRANTY.
Copyright 2006 by Narech K.
All Rights Reserved.
DOS/32A v9.1.2 :: build: 2006-04-20 :: status: Public, Stable