DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender - Features

DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender is small, fast, efficient and reliable. It fully supports Watcom C/C++ and can run applications designed for DOS/4GW line DOS Extenders from Tenberry Software. Furthermore DOS/32A is compatible with many major operating systems including MS-DOS® (and any third party emulations) as well as the later generations of Windows® ME, 2000 and XP. The following is a brief list of DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender features:

  • full compatibility with Watcom C/C++ compiler
  • compatibility with many applications designed for DOS/4GW DOS Extender
  • compatibility with most major operating systems available on the market
  • extremely fast interrupt servicing and disk I/O
  • allocation of up to 2GB of memory (if physically present)
  • support for protected mode executable compression
  • small size of the executable (takes up only 28KB of disk space, uncompressed)
  • allows great flexibility through numerous configuration options

For more information about DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender and its features refer to the provided documentation manual.

DOS/32A is free software -- NO WARRANTY.
Copyright © 2006 by Narech K.
All Rights Reserved.
DOS/32A v9.1.2 :: build: 2006-04-20 :: status: Public, Stable